About Naoko Takeuchi

Takeuchi-san is as you know the creator of Sailor Moon.But How did it all start? Well she was only going to use her as a one-shot feature for Nakayoshoi's special edition Runrun magazine. She was told she could draw any story she wanted, and told her editor she wanted to do a hero of justice story. Her editor said she should make it a *heroine* in a sailor suit! She then made "Codename is Sailor V" So things just took off from there. Major influeneces over her were: "Space cruiser Yamoto," Nasa's Apollo project,"Armored Trooper," "Votoms," and "Space Pirate Captin Harlock" Takeuchi-san has had no special training as a manga artist, and feels that it is a very, hard, time consuming,creative and fun job.


Birthplace: Japan

Birthday: March 15

Blood type: A

Sign: Pices

She is currently single

Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon

Favorite of her own work: Sailor Moon

Hobbies: Driving, shopping, reading, collecting antique furniture,idling at home.

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