Ami's First Love

Ami's first love takes place when the girls are studying for their entrance exams.In the practice exams someone is staying side by side Ami. Could this be a new enemy??? Ami seems to think so, and it has her working more passionatley than normal. What has made Ami change so?? Could it be....Love?? Luna is narrating and for the first part so is Ami. And the biggest ARIGATO!! in the world to Kyoko for letting me steal these screen shots!! ^^

Ami is sleeping in her bed by the window. The sun is just coming into the room.

LUNA: The following story unfolds amidst strange situations...While the girls are frantically studying for their high school entrance exams.

Ami reaches over and picks up the clock. It's 7:30. She sits up rubs the sleep from her eyes and stretches.

She hears the doves outside her window, cooing. She opens the window and puts her head on her hands to watch them.
AMI: Good morning.

At her voice the doves fly off towards the sunrise over Tokyo.

TITLE: Ami's First Love: Sailor Moon Super S Special

Ami is reading in the bathtub.

AMI: I am Mizuno Ami, born September 10th, a Virgo, blood type: A, my hobbies are reading...Every morning I'll get to school 40 minutes early to read.

She closes the book grabs the towel and gets out of the bath. Ami walks to the table, she pulls out a chair and sits down. She starts to eat her sandwich, while reading some little cards.

AMI: I love sandwiches because I can read while eating them.

She runs to the door and puts on her shoes.

AMI: My favorite colour is blue and swimming is my favorite sport.

Ami leaves the house and begins the walk to school.

AMI: Math is my best subject.

She walks into the school yard and then to the building.

AMI: One thing I'm not good at receiving...a...

Ami comes to the locker where her shoes are, she opens the door and looks inside. She is surprised to see an envelope with a heart sealing it.

AMI: ...a...

She picks it up, it has her name on it. Ami stares at it and goes bright red!

AMI: ...L...Love letter!!??

Outside the students jump as she yells,


The girls are walking up the steps to the Temple.

MAKO: Well that sure is a problem I'd like to have...getting a love letter.

CHIBI-USA: No doubt.

The girls stop and turn to face Ami. Rei is on left, Minako on right, Usagi ahead of her, Mako ahead of Rei and Chibi-Usa between Usagi and Mako.

AMI: It's not like I've received a lot or anything...It's just that I get this horrible reaction to them.

REI: Taste aversion, I think its called...

MINAKO: Ami, you know what they say! Life is short and love's a battle!

She wags her finger at Ami, Artamis pulls a face. They all stare at Minako who still has her mouth open and finger in air. Usagi drops her bookcase. (This is really silly! : ) )

MINAKO: ...Was...I wrong?

ARTAMIS: I think the correct saying is: Life's short love while you can.

MINAKO: I guess that's another way of putting it...

Ami begins to laugh, and starts up the steps.

AMI: You know, I think there's only one thing we should be passionately doing in our last year of junior high school and that is...

She turns around just ahead of them. The girls all pull a face.

EVERYONE: Studying we take it?

Ami whips out her glasses and puts them on. They flash evily with a blue tint.

AMI: That's right! Right now, in my dictionary there's no such word as love!

The wind blows ominously...

CHIBI-USA: Scary...

MAKO: Is there something wrong?

Ami holds up a magazine.

AMI: Take a look at this.

The girls all crowd around to see what is in the magazine. Mako takes it and starts flipping.

AMI: Turn to page 42.

MAKO: Page 42...

AMI: It's the rankings for the national practice exams.

MAKO (reading): First place MERCURY! 100% in ALL subjects!

Minako pushes to the front of the group. Shoving Usagi out of the way by using her face! (this looks sooo painful because Usagi is bent over backwards)

MINAKO: That means a perfect score on all the exams!

CHIBI-USA: Mercury...That's you, right Ami?

AMI: That's right...

She pushes up her glasses...

AMI: You send in the results under a pseudonym and they rank you accordingly...The problem is...That person...

She points to a name on the page...It reads: MERCURIUS

MAKO: There's another perfect score.

MINAKO: Mercurius?

ARTAMIS: That's "Mercury" in Latin.

Ami stands up threateningly.

AMI: Lately that person has been keeping beside me in every exam. They may be challenging me, perhaps a new kind of enemy!

Usagi, who is still being held down by Minako, straitens up.

USAGI: Ami, I think you're overanalyzing things.

They all pull a face at her and nod...

EVERYONE: Mmm, humh!

ONE OF THE GIRLS: That's right you're over analyzing.* (*note: I haven't watched enough of the JP episodes to tell voices yet.)

Ami is sitting in a large auditorium, taking notes and listening to a speaker. The auditorium is very full. She stops writing and looks up.

AMI: I may be overanalyzing, but I can't help but wonder...What kind of person this Mercurius is...

Ami is walking through the hallway reading a book. Suddenly she notices several people looking at a poster on a bulletin board.

AMI: Oh, the results for the practice exams...That's it! If I take more exams and go to more seminars maybe I'll meet this Mercurius!

The background goes a dreamy orange, Ami floats there with her eyes closed thinking...

AMI: I've never felt so passionate before. It's so thrilling to have a rival...

Suddenly, fire blazes across the screen, and Ami spins around with her arms stretched out.

AMI: All right then! I won't back down from this either!!

She comes back to the present, with her still up in the air. People stand and stare at her. Huge sweatdrop!

LUNA: The next day something had changed in Ami suddenly.

At the Temple Ami is studding among a mountain of books. They are stacked so high they're over her head. She is writing something in a magazine.

LUNA: Ami, I think maybe you're overdoing it.

Everyone cringes as she shouts...

AMI: OH! We're tied for first again. This person is not just anyone to place first every time!

She lowers the magazine and adjusts her glasses menacingly.

REI: And what does that make you?

Ami puts her hands together and rests her elbows on the table.

AMI: But what is this person like do you think?...I do wish I could meet him...

MAKO: She's crazy...

Minako surprises Ami by saying...

MINAKO: Ami, it's almost like your in love or something...

AMI: NO! No, he's just a rival!

REI: But how do you know that it's a *he*?

USAGI: the name Mercurius doesn't reveal anything like that...

Ami sits down and blushes...

AMI: Well yes, I guess, but...

MINAKO: So, Ami what do you look for in a man anyway?

MAKO: Yeah tell us!

CHIBI-USA: What's he like?

Ami puts her hands together again and her eyes become dreamy...

AMI: What I look for? He's...

They all lean forward excitedly...


AMI: Like Einstein!

The girls pull faces, clearly disappointed.

USAGI: Who??

LUNA: And so began their little plan.

At the cafe the girls are discussing the change in Ami.

REI: I've never seen Ami like that.

MAKO: The way her eyes sparkled

USAGI: Acting...So...Feminine!

CHIBI-USA: Perhaps this is...

EVERYONE: Ami's first love?

Minako makes a speech spinning around to end up in front of a heart background.

MINAKO: All right! Minako the goddess of love and beauty will help her out!!

She pulls down her shirt collar to reveal her bare shoulder.( Ack! this is scary!)

MINAKO: It's no skin off my neck!

She stands there like that. They get as far away from her as they can!

ARTAMIS: Cut that out!

MINAKO: Anyway, we've got to help her find out who this Mercurius is!

CHIBI-USA: But how?

The girls act surprised, then lower their heads to think. They all get sweatdrops.

CHIBI-USA: No plan hey?

ARTAMIS: Seems so.

It's the end of the school day. Usagi is walking through the halls thinking.

LUNA: Now Usagi is up to something.

NARU: Usagi!

Usagi stops to let Naru and Umino catch up.

USAGI: Naru.

NARU: Umino is going to make predictions on what will be on the exams!

Umino gives the V sign and makes little "vee vee" noises. Usagi looks very hard at Umino.

USAGI: Umino...

Suddenly she leans forward right into his face! Umino starts to back off.

UMINO: Is there...Something on my face?

USAGI: Umino! You're dependable when it comes to stuff like this!!

She grabs his collar and starts to question him.

UMINO: Pardon?

USAGI: Do you know anything about Mercurius the exam ace!!??

Umino adjusts his glasses.

UMINO: Well, yes...He's my friend.

USAGI: Really!!???

UMINO: Really!

Usagi drops him in her excitement. He loses his balance and falls over.

NARU: Are you okay Umino?

USAGI: Lucky!

LUNA: At the same time.

BUILDING NAME: The number one tutorial seminar.

Ami looks up at the building in a very determined way. It is a bit run down. Ami is loaded with books.

AMI: Here I am to wreak havoc on the tutorial seminars.

LUNA: Are you okay? You look stressed.

Inside there are a few students making notes on what the tutor is saying. Among them is Ami.

TUTOR: In this third example I and J are...

As Ami writes her imagination kicks in.

AMI: Watch out Mercurius! I can study...

Ami is seen studying in a pile of books, the pile keeps getting higher every time she says study...

AMI: And study...And study...

Ami's head is resting on the desk, beside her on the floor a book falls over.

AMI: And rest a bit...And study and study and study some more...

The books on the desk are so thick now that we can only see her head.

AMI: ....And rest...

Ami has fallen asleep on her table at the seminar. She wakes up all alone.

AMI: Oh, my!

She puts hand to her head.

AMI: It's the first day and I'm falling asleep in class...

Strange red eyes watch her from the window outside. They are joined by a smile witch disappear in a puff of purple/pink smoke. Someone is studying at a desk, behind them we can see Ami leaving. The person is writing their name:

NAME: Mercurius...

A voice is speaking...

VOICE: I can feel unspeakably lewd aura.

Outside on the street a yoma appears above a sign. Ami is leaving the building just down the street.

YOMA: Oh!...There she is. That girls in love.

Ami stumbles along clearly tired.

YOMA: She's filled with lust, thinking only of a man....She's easy prey for me. I've been in this bussines for over a hundred years. Her desire will be mine!

LUNA: Be careful the Terakoya feeds on the desire of others!

Terakoya lands on Ami's back. Ami stumbles and almost falls but does notice the yoma.

AMI: My head hurts, maybe I'm getting sick...

She stands up and starts home, oblivious to the thing on her back.

Umino and the girls show up in front of the seminar.

UMINO: Here it is! Mercurius's seminar!

One of them asks...

ONE OF THE GIRLS: Are you sure he's at a dump?

UMINO: It may look a bit run-down, but it has a long and respectable history....

Someone is just leaving, Umino notices him.

UMINO: Oh! Mercurius!

The girls turn to look at the long elusive Mercurius. (Too bad we don't get to see above his mouth)

MERCUIUS: Hey, Professor Goggley Glasses!

The girls stand there stunned by Mercurius's looks. Umino says...

UMINO: Heh, heh, Professor Goggley Glasses is my pseudonym... What's the matter?

LUNA: Something is not right with Ami!

Back at the apartment Ami is lying in bed. She is too sick to go to school. Her eyes are spinning and she has a cloth on her head.

AMI: My body won't move...Mercurius are you doing this to me?

Terakoya appears above her bed.

TERAKOYA: She's being haunted by her desires...then she must be ready for the final act!

From her huge sleeves she whips out tons of love letters. She holds them out like large cards.

TARAKOYA: The start of all desires! The LOVE LETTER ATTACK!!

The sheets and pillows fly off Ami's bed and disapear. The floors and walls become a swirling nothingness. Only Ami the bed and Terakoya are left in it.

TERAKOYA: No one is unaffected by the anticipated desires sealed within!

She lets the cards go and they spin around her. Then the shoot off towards Ami like torpedoes. Sticking into the bed all around her so she is pinned.

AMI: I can't move...

One of the letters hits her smack in the face. She starts to break-out.

AMI: Oh no!!...This reactions I'm getting...They're...L..L..LOVE LETTERS!!!!

Ami snaps up into a sitting position, and starts scratching her face.

TERAKOYA: Heh, heh, heh, that's not all!

A bubble begins to form around Ami's head. Then two more join it making a triangle from behind her head.

AMI: OH NO!! All those equations I memorized! Their leaving my brain!!

One bubble pops!


Another pops...


The last one pops!


Outside Ami's door Chibi-Usa, Mamoru and Usagi show up. Chibi-Usa is the first to get there.

CHIBI-USA: Here we are!


They turn to look at Usagi who is thinking. She doesn't seem to pleased.

MAMORU: What's wrong?

USAGI: Should I or should I not tell her about Mercurius' identity....

CHIBI-USA: What are you mumbling about?

Behind the door they hear Ami scream! Usagi runs up to the door


USAGI: Ami-chan!

Ami is still sitting on the bed but is sounded by bubbles which are popping. Terakoya is watching.


TERAKOYA: All your knowledge will flee your mind, and you will become a slave to your desires!

Ami is trying greatly to pull the love letter off her face. The effort has her unbalanced.

AMI: Who...

She pulls it off and falls over, but she recovers to face Terakoya.

AMI: ....Are you?

She tries to get a good look at Terakoya, but can't keep focus. Her eyes start spinning.

AMI: I can't mind's all cloudy and I can't focus...

The door opens and Usagi runs in to the rescue!


But Usagi steps off into the nothingness and has to grab the edge of the door.(This is so funny!) Chibi-Usa and Mamoru run up.

TERAKOYA: Who's there?

CHIBI-USA: That's what we'd like to know!

TERAKOYA: Me? I am...

AMI: Your Mercurius!


Ami is mad, she raises her fist, her head is down.( Very Cool!)

AMI: It's all you're doing! My headache, my drowsiness!...You play a dirty game!

TERAKOYA: Excuse me but I'm not...

AMI: I won't back down!


As she transforms Ami adds the things that make an enemy.

AMI: Exam results + seminars + stress(sabotage/ rival) = ENEMY!


SMERCURY: You wanted to be number 1 at all costs! It can't be forgiven! I am the Sailor of love and exams, SAILOR MERCURY!! Stick your head in some cold water and think about what you've done!

Usagi is still hanging off the door. No one has helped her up yet. ( hint hint Mamo!)

USAGI: I'm telling you she's not Mercurius!

Usagi nearly falls off again and is now only hanging on by her fingers. The background goes dreamy as Mercury thinks to herself...

SMERCURY: I new you were my rival but I didn't know you'd get in my head!

USAGI: Help me!!

SMERCURY: It's the end of the never-ending battle for first place!

Terakoya is very very scared...

TERAKOYA: But I'm not....

SMERCURY: This is my equation for victory!



Terakoya is hit by the one of the streams of water. It explodes around her to form a blue ball of energy, she is trapped inside.

TERAKOYA: ....But I'm not..!!

The ball explodes and she destroyed!

The room is back to normal, Usagi falls to the floor on her face. Chibi-Usa and Mamoru just stare. Mercury is standing on the bed, she sighs...

MERCURY: I feel so much better!

Then she falls over onto the bed. Chibi-Usa and Mamo wake up and run to her.

CHIBI-USA: Ami are you all right!?

MAMORU: Ami-chan!

As we look at the apartment building Ami says...

AMI: I sure would have liked to have met him!

USAGI & CHIBI-USA: Hey, hey...

Back at the Cafe the girls are discussing Ami again.

MINAKO: Rival = Enemy. I hope my marks don't get that good.

ARTAMIS: I don't think you'll need to worry about that...Wooo!

Minako picks him up by the scruff of the neck, and glares at him.

MINAKO: Pardon me?!

USAGI: Anyway we shouldn't talk about Mercurius in front of Ami.

MAKO: That's a good idea.

All of a sudden Ami pops up behind them.

AMI: Then, you saw him?

Usagi and Mako freak out and scramble across the table away from Ami.


AMI: What was he like?

MINAKO: Kinda like this guy!

She hold s up a magazine with a picture of a boy in it. Usagi rushes up and points to him.

USAGI: Right, right! This year's hottest young star!

Ami over to Minako and takes the magazine from her. She stares at the picture and her eyes go starry.

AMI: That's what I imagined him to look like! A young Einstein!

MINAKO: A little shallow don't you think?

USAGI: But if she found out he looked exactly like Umino....

She makes a face imagining a boy with blue spiky hair that looks exactly like Umino with square glasses.


Usagi sits there disgusted.

MAKO: But why use the name Mercurius?

USAGI: Let me explain!...His name is Suri Curuing, kind of like Mercurius backwards!

They are walking up the step's to the temple again.

AMI: Why!!

She is looking frustrated because Mercuris'' is in the magazine again.

MAKO: What's wrong?

AMI: I destroyed Mercurius but he's still in the rankings!

USAGI: Well Ami....

AMI: Don't worry everyone leave him to me!

They look at each other.

EVERYONE: in ...Him?

AMI: Okay!...

She runs past them up towards the top.

LUNA: And so the battle for the high standard Mercury.

She reaches the top.

AMI: I'll keep giving it my best!!


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