Ami's File Folder

Name: Mizuno Ami

Birthday: September 10

Sign: Virgo

Blood type: A

Hobby: Reading,playing chess

Favorite coulor: Aquamarine

Favorite gemstone: Sapphire

Favorite sport: Swiming

Favorite animal: Cat Favorite food: Sandwiches,anmitsu(because she can eat while reading) Not so favorite food: Yellow-tail tuna-hamachi

Best subject: Math

Worst sunject: None

Gets rashes from: Love letters

Talent: Calculating,using computer, swimming

Dream: To be a doctor

Ami is a kind girl who lives with her mother in a mansion. Her mother is a doctor and her father (most likely divorced) is a paint artist.Ami goes to Juuban High school in Minato-Ku. She works very hard at school and it was once said that her IQ is near 300!!

Mercury's powers!

These are the frazes the Ami uses to turn into Sailor Mercury:

Mercury power make up!: First season

Mercury star power, make up!: Second season

Mercury crystal power, make up!: Fourth season

These are Ami's attacks as Sailor Mercury:

Shabon Spray (Mercuy Bubble Bast): First season

Shabon Spray Freezing (Mercury Bubble Freeze): Second season

Shine Aqua Illusion (Mercury Ice Storm): Second season

Double Shabon spray freezing: Third season

Mercury Aqua Mirage: Only in the SuperS special, Ami's First Love

Mercury Aqua Rapsody: Fourth and Fifth season

Shine Snow Illusion: Only in the Manga

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